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18F Snout Split

Split SNOUTS were developed for retrofit applications where the access into the structure would prevent a one-piece SNOUT from being installed. 18" Flat SNOUT Split with installation kit and instructions.

This product fits:

Outlet Pipe Inside Diameter fits:
10.1" - 15"
Outlet Pipe Outer Diameter fits:
16.1" - 18"
Outlet Wall Inside Dimensions fits:
26" - 31.9",  32" - 37.9",  ≥ 38"
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Sump Depth Requirement Must be a minimum 36" or 2.5 x the outlet pipe ID, whichever is larger.
A. if the outlet pipe ID is 10", then sump depth must be a minimum of 36".
B. if the outlet pipe ID is 15", then sump depth must be a minimum of 37.5".

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